Our Investment Management team handles all asset dispositions at Atlantis Tankers, communicating with our segments and management to ensure we make the best possible asset decisions for our fleet and real estates. Investment Management is responsible for establishing and administrating new companies, maintaining relationship with the resident agents, managing bank accounts, accounting and payments, supervising the services of the technical and commercial operators as well as all asset procurement in real estate, new buildings as well as second-hand purchases. In this respect, we would be pleased to discuss appropriate proposals with associates in the shipping industry.

Sales & Purchase The S&P department is also involved in buying and selling vessels. Decisions are taken after detailed analysis of the opportunities and risks, which are naturally dependent on the prevailing market. At Atlantis Tankers, we deal with responsible brokers, without exclusivity. Our decisions are purely based on the facts, guided by the business acumen and in-depth experience of our management.

CONTACT Asset Management: For enquiries in sales and purchase please contact Lorenz Weinstabl



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