Every progressive company needs strong core values in order to be recognised as the best in the business.

This means we must offer the most financially attractive, efficient and safe means of cargo transportation, which can only be achieved through the dedication of keen employees who share this vision. Through their innovative ideas and continuous commitment, the success of the company will be sustained, thereby sustaining their own future.

In the years after the Lehmann crisis which caused the world economies to tumble, every company’s commitment to sustainability has been put at the test. The economic challenges are huge, but that does not detract from our environmental and social obligations.

We take pride in offering the highest quality management services within our sector. Our corporate habit is to strive for continuous improvement and operational excellence, whereby ensuring that risk exposures of our clients are heavily reduced. These include our strives for lowering GHG emissions, operating an energy efficient fleet, and reducing risks related to safety with our zero-incidence corporate culture.

Our efforts will have a long-lasting positive impact on a zero-incidence industry. By acting as a role model for others, Armona’s vision is to operate their vessels safely by caring for their people and equipping them with the necessary tools & practices to create safety-barriers. This allows us to continuously curate and maintain an environment where safety can flourish, translating into a long-lasting legacy of flawless operations.



Focus on sustainability is the key to ensuring our competitive edge in maintaining our strong customer base. This is a precondition for attracting new customers and, more importantly, ensuring all employees feel totally engaged and active in our business. In all operations, we strive for continuous, socially responsible improvement in our performance.

A sustainable future is essential for our business. At Atlantis, we ensure that staff is empowered to do their job well. At all times, we are conscious of our social responsibility as well as the need to optimise business processes.


At Atlantis Tankers, everyone is expected to help to continuously improve occupational health and safety performance at the workplace. We invest the appropriate resources to constantly improve the quality of our activities and services, and recognise the health and safety of our staff a fundamental objective.


Adherence to high quality standards for all business processes is a priority at Atlantis Tankers. Procedures are followed to ensure our standards always meet, or exceed, industry requirements.


Atlantis Tankers acknowledges a clear corporate social responsibility. The well-being of our staff, in relation to the sustainability of our company, is invariably considered where taking any business decisions.



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